Tuesday, May 05, 2009

First Place at Run for the Border!

I teamed up with Steve H from Vertical Runner for this race in downtown Cleveland. It was a total blast. Here is how the race goes down…you run from station to station. At each station you get a clue where the next one is. No one knows the exact route. All we knew was it was 3-3.5 miles.

Not knowing until just before we started there was going to be drinking involved. I am not sure, but it was right then I knew this was going to be the greatest race ever.

So, 3-3.5 miles, 1 shot of tequila, and 1 corona later Steve and I cross the line. Almost 20 minutes flat. Cleared second place by 10 seconds. Two minutes faster than last year's winning time. So, it was a course record, too! How 'bout that!

I have to say, it wasn’t pretty. Holding a 6 minute pace after a shot of tequila and chugging a beer was ROUGH. ROUGH! But they say you learn a lot about yourself running. I wasn't expecting learning this.

But a win is a win. Guess Steve and I have to return next year to defend our crown.

Until then, I will be drinking, err, I mean training.