Monday, April 06, 2009

12th place at Spring Classic

It looks like spring time is finally here. This past weekend was the annual Spring Classic Half Marathon in Strongsville. With Boston just two weeks away, I had originally wrote this one off. After a workout this week, Vince talked me into it.

I had gotten some calls later in the week that Kevin and Rob were also going to be running it. Talking with them, we formed a basic plan: go out easy, about 6:55-7:00 min pace then pick it up in the second half. For once, that is what I did.

The race started and settled in the pace. It felt good holding that pace and was able to talk to Kevin about Boston a bit. As this thinned out, we formed a group which was Kevin and myself holding the line, and Michelle (another VR Runner who was holding 1st place Masters and 2nd female overall.) An update from Corigan informed us at that time, we were about 25th place overall.

As we made our way out to the first turn around, the wind started picking up quite a bit. But the group held. Kevin and I formed a wind wall for Michelle. As we made our way to half way, I wanted to jump the pace, but keep pulling myself back.

As we hit the second turn around which though the running path, the group started to splinter. At this time, I figured it was time to get the party started and I finally picked put the pace and started moving on folks. I passed a few by mile 7. A second update told me I mad moved to 20th place.

Hold the pace, I caught a number of folks to the next turn around. Going into mile 10, the wind REALLY picked up. I pushed even harder, but my pace seemed to hold the same. My final update as that I had passed 15th pace and was gaining on 14th and 13th.

The wind was crazy. Holding my visor as I ran, it was getting impossible to hold the pace I need to go sub 1:30. I was able to pick off a few last folks to come in just over 1:31 and 12th place overall. Sadly, 9th ,10th ,11th were all with in seconds of each other and also ages 30-34. Left me 4th in my age group! Oh well. I was happy with my placement and a new PR.

So that is it. That was my last long training run for Boston. It is taper time. 4th race of the year and my 4th PR! Nothing else I can do now, but rest and work on my race plan.