Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Long Training Run for Boston

Every year Vertical Runner organizes the Are you ready for Boston (Hope you Like Hills) Group Run. This is a 19 mile run through the CVNP on the some of the worst hills there. Basically, the course tries to simulate the Boston Marathon course. Long down hill, then some small rolling hills. Then a tough climb up Oak Hill. More rolling hills. Another big down hill to the Valley again. Then up Hines Hill (about a 2 mile climb) to the Hike and Bike to head back.

This year Vince talked me into making it a little different and doing what he did last year which was to double Hines Hill. Hmmm. Ok! What could possibly go wrong. Well, we did it. And it sucked. We even finished off on the Boston trail instead of the H&B. Guess Vince didn't get enough.

Final stats for the day way just over 23 Miles at just under 8 minute pace. The combined vertical was 6,300 feet (3187 gain & 3144 loss).

Elevation Chart