Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Turkey Trot & Tapering for Tecumseh

Well, I think I am finally getting back to normal (if you can call it that) after the back-to-back marathons. This past Thursday was the Akron Home run for the Homeless which is one of the most competitive races in the area. It's a 4 mile hilly course through Akron & Glendale Cemetery. I wasn't sure how it would go still recovering and all and getting ready for Tecumseh.

I didn't make the same mistake as last year and got out fast and early. At the first mile, saw Mom & Dad at the family plot (always a good reminder to keep on running there since that is where I am going to be buried one day.) Maintained things through the hills and pushed it the last mile trying to catch Aaron aka the "Mayor of Bolanz." Funny part where I was trying to catch him, Nick B was trying to catch me!
Ended up 86th overall out of about 1700 folks and 5th of 76 in my age group and a new 4 mile PR! WOOT! Wasn't expecting that at all.
The next day, had a great trail run in the valley with some folks. Took my buddy Jeff from my Akron relay team on his first trail run with Jim C, who is also running Tecumseh. After that, got some miles in over the weekend despite being out of town and started my taper. Feeling pretty good now. I was feeling pretty burned out last week, but the energy levels are coming back now.

4 days to Tecumseh!