Monday, December 08, 2008

Tecumseh Trail Marathon

"What was I doing and why?"

That was the question that was going through my head while eating Oreos and drinking Gatorade while running on a trail in Indiana during the Tecumseh Trail Marathon. I can't say I was having the best race. Just a few minutes later it hit me. At mile 23, the course twisted into a pine forest that was simply the most beautiful moment I have ever had. The winds were howling and the snow was coming down in my eyes...until I reached that spot. It was completely peaceful. No sound at all. No other runners. Just complete peace. I have never seen anything like it.

As I pushed through the last few miles I thought about the coolest things I had seen in 2008. I watched the sun rise in the Arizona desert. Ran along the Blue Bells in Virginia. Saw some breath taking views in Napa Valley. I ran the entire circumference of the Cleveland Metro Parks All Purpose Trail nonstop (62 miles) with my friend Nick. Saw two good friends cross the finish line of a 100 mile race. (Saw both of those friends puke, too, but that didn't make the list.) Saw some friends run their first marathons and got to see them push through "it" to get there.

That is why I was there and do this stuff. Moments that I would never have experienced if I wasn't there. Moments that no matter what happens to the medals, results online, or the shirts I get will be there to remember.
So, there I was in the middle of that Indiana Pine forest. Completely taken in by it. I totally stopped running for a second. Watched a few snow flakes drift down slowly. "Wow", I thought. As for the race? I finished. It was marathon (0r longer) number 10 of the year and 26 overall total for me.

Afterwards, the crew went down to the Upland Brewery. Ate a great dinner and had some really good beer. If you are in the Bloomington area, I highly recommend it.

That about does it for 2008. Now...about 2009....I got this idea...

Picture courtesy of Nick. Thanks Nick!