Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GNYER 5K: Last Race of the Year

Once again, the Great New Years Eve Race (known as the GNYER) marked the last race of the year. Bringing 2008 to a close. I still need to tally up some stats, but this was my 27th race of the year. I had really hoped to stay under 20 minutes here, however, this years conditions made that a bit tough for me. Aside from the ice, wind, and snow, I did manage to place 4th in my age group and 33rd overall. My highest placement at the GNYER. So I was pretty happy with that.

This also marked the last year that Steve is going to be the race director. I met Steve a few years back working the finish line to a race in Stow. At the start of the GNYER, it was announced that Paul Organ is going to be taking the race over. Steve left some pretty big shoes to fill, but Paul will do an awesome job I am sure! Steve, thanks for putting on a great race every year!
I hope everyone had a great New Year and I am looking forward to 2009.
See you all next year!