Sunday, December 28, 2008


A bit behind from the holidays. Going to be posting some updates to get caught up....

So, today was the 2nd annual Waterfalls run my boy Nick puts on the last Saturday of the year. Basically, it is a trip through the CVNP on trails hitting three different Waterfalls: Brandywine Falls, Blue Hen Falls, and Buttermilk Falls. This year there was a TON of folks out there. Looked like at least 40 people. Crazy!

Luckily, you will see why in a second, the weather was REALLY warm and temps for up to the 40s. Made for a bit sloppy trails, but it was really nice out.

Well, during one of the water crossings by Buttermilk Falls, I see Steve H. crossing the water like a sissy. So, I went flying through the water to splash him. I stopped right next to him and yelled, “CANNONBALL!”

Unfortunately, I fail to realize that I was standing in water that was actually a complete sheet of ice underneath. You can guess what happened next. As I kicked the water at Steve, my other foot gave and I went down in the water like a huge…cannonball!

It was COOOOLD and the water went up almost to my neck. I flew out of the stream laughing with Steve who almost fell laughing as well. I noted this is twice running with Steve on that trail that karma bit me. During the summer, I was in mid sentence making fun of him and Vince when I kneed a fallen tree I was jumping over. This was twice karma got me!

Everyone seemed to think I actually did a cannonball on purpose. I didn’t think I am that crazy, but it seems others do! Anyway, I did a quick poll of everyone with cameras, I thought I was lucky and got away with no one getting a picture of it. Whew! Safe!

Until I got home later that day and received a message from Facebook. It appeared I was wrong. Janet had her Blackberry and caught the fall and posted it on Facebook. Way to be “Johnny on the Spot with the Crackberry”, Janet!

So, here is where it gets good. Seems the picture leaked out at work from fellow Davey-Facebookers and signs began going up along with cannonball jokes. Then I get to my office last week and low and behold. I find a t-shirt with the moment commemorated on it with instructions to where it in Boston. Lucky me! My coworkers are great. Unfortunately, I am going to have to retaliate!