Saturday, September 06, 2008

Running in Boulder: Part 2 – Hall Ranch

While out in Boulder, I did a really nice run at the Hall Ranch just outside of the cool little town called Lyons. Amazing run while the sun set in the sky. Busted out my headlamp and finished the run under a moon.

Hall Ranch had it, trail, forest, grassland, rock, more rock. elevation bounced around in the 6-7,000 ft range. Another good elevation run for me while out there.

Had a bit of an issue with a buck in the area who didn’t like me running close to some little ones. We had a "talk" and everything was worked out. Ok, he came bouncing at me. I turned and started screaming with my arms in the air. Well, it works with pissed off horses and cattle...thought it might work here as well. It did. We both went on our way.

Heading out, this is the first sign I see...have a feeling the picture isn't to scale.

The view heading up Bitterbush trail.

Running down Antelope Trail.

Outside the Nelson Ranch House on the Nelson Trail Loop.
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