Thursday, September 04, 2008

Running in Boulder: Part 1 – Bear Peak Mountain

I got a chance to run/climb to the summit of Bear Peak Mountain while in Boulder, Colorado. It was awesome. The summit measured just less than 8,500 ft. Starting at 5,500 feet and climbing about 1,000 feet per mile the first three miles.

The run was worth it when I got to the top to see the view.

I have been wanting to get some high elevation runs in. There are some really sweet races out west that have these things called "mountains" we midwesterners have never seen. Good news was I was able to run pretty well up there. Better than I had expected. Now, I just need to see what 10,000 ft feels like...

Me at the Mesa trailhead getting ready to go.

From the trail on the way up. Bear Peak is the highest point on the right side of the picture.

The view from just below the summit. This is facing Boulder.

Self portrait from the top...85,000 ft...I made it!
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