Saturday, September 20, 2008

2nd Place Overall at the Hudson Chilli 5K!!

On a spur of the moment, I decided to run the Chilli 5K in Hudson. Still not feeling 100% from the cold wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a chance to run the course the night before. A bit rolling with about ½ mile uphill at the start and ½ downhill at the end.

I met up with Jim, Kevin and saw Brett at the start. Talked a bit with Kevin before the start and off we went. The first mile was a bit slow and the pace car didn’t get moving very fast. Kevin and another runner had taken the lead and a few guys and I were chasing them. Things thinned out after mile 1 leaving me just behind Kevin when he went off course. I tried yelling his name, but he didn’t hear me and headed down the wrong road…leaving me in second place. First place guy had really pulled ahead and I had a few guys on my back. We held pace until the big downhill at the end rounded the last turn. By now I was thinking I might actually be able to PR if I can hold the pace.

Heading to the finish line I could see the clock…I might be able to! No! I crossed the line hitting my 5K PR to the very second…18:49. Well maybe next time!

The next morning I headed up to Cleveland for the Heroes 5 mile. I still needed a 5 mile on my PR list. This one looked pretty fun. The weather was perfect and the course was great, but not easy. We ran down into the Brecksville Reservation. I hadn’t run there since the Green Jewell 100K. Things worked out well even with a killer hill at mile 4. Pulled off a 5 Mile PR! Leaving just 5K and Marathon!

The race was a great event. Well ran with lots of folks there. The proceeds went to the Families of fallen Police and Firemen of Cleveland. Post race was really nice. I had to laugh…at the finish line was the biggest assortment of doughnuts I have ever seen. Cops know how to eat after they run! I had to point that out to some officers who ran the race I was talking to afterwards. After some laughs, they then asked me how I did. My reply was “Great! I have been running from cops for years and now I finally have proof!”