Friday, August 15, 2008

Night Run with My New Head Lamp

So, somehow, I managed to misplace my headlamp. Really bad timing because I didn't realize that until I was getting ready to meet Brandon at the Covered Bridge during the BR100. However, things still worked out well, because, I ended up using Steve's during the BR100 while pacing Brandon.

When I got to the bridge, Steve was saying his head hurt from his headlamp. Perfect! I traded him my hand held light that I had just bought from the Sheetz down the street. Unfortunately for Steve, the flashlight died on him about 3 miles down the road. Ooops. Thanks again, Steve! :)

Now, I was in the market for a new lamp. Doing some reading I decided to head on down to Vertical Runner and get me one of them there new fangled Petzel Myo XP. I figured a night run was in order to test it out.

So I headed out on the trails on a Friday night. I know how to party, eh? Anyway, the light worked awesome. I have been a Petzel fan for a while, but this guy is great. A bit heavier than the smaller guys, but WAY brighter. My only regret is that I did not have it sooner this year while pacing Vince and Brandon. It would have really helped them out during the late night portions when things are the darkest.

Bad news is, my digital camera, which I have taken on countless runs through the years, has finally died. The above picture taken of the sunset overlooking the Cuyahoga Valley was one of its last. Rather appropriate.