Monday, July 28, 2008

Mud March Photos are Up!

The Mud March 5K photos are up. A lot of folks have been asking about this race. It was so much fun! Even a blast to just watch the finish line for a while while people climbed "Mud Mountain" as they called it.

The race started in a field, then took us down a short paved road then into some of the muddiest trails I have ever ran. The course then pops in and out of the woods until you hit their vineyard. You weave through the vineyard, back into the woods for the last mile where you come out of the woods one last time to Mud Mountain and the finish line.

The only photo I found myself in was at the start. Yeah, that would be me in the white hat and white shirt. Note to Self: Don't wear anything even half way decent next year. It will get ruined.

Click here to view the race pics

They also have a video up here which is pretty funny