Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vacation in NC

aka Wild Horse can't drag me away...

Once again, things worked out great. I was down in Virginia and North Carolina on business for the first part of the week and managed to swing down to the Outer Banks to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live in Kill Devil Hills for the weekend. I hadn’t been down there since November when I was down for the OBX Marathon.

It was great getting to relax a bit and get some good miles in and began my ramp up to be able to pace my friend, Vince, at the Mohican 100 mile race. I was able to get in 55 miles for the week. Much of it was on beach and coast line road which is what most of the course is for OBX.

One of my runs was out to the Currituck (also known as Corolla depending on who you ask.) While up there, I came upon some of the famous Wild Horses of Corolla. There were several packs of them I ran past, but there was these two I stopped to take their picture. I wanted to get a good picture, so I kept taking them as I got closer. Until I was standing right next to them. So, I reached out (sorry Park Service) and got to pet one. They were both nice. Then it was time for them to jet…so they took off running and I moved on to finish my 21 mile run.

The weather that weekend was HOT. I actually ran out of water while running and decided to fill my bottle up with some ice cold Coke I bought at the Light House. Not sure how that was going to go down being carbonated and all. But it was GOOD! Think I am going to tuck that one away for the end of an ultra one day soon.

Well, the long weekend went fast and it was back to work up north. However, I decided when I was down there to definitely run OBX again this year.