Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok, finally....a 2008 update

Well as promised, I wanted to get some updates here. Some of my friends who have blogs have been beating me up for not updating since 2007. So, I at least wanted to get an update of the races I have ran so far this year.

My two big goals for 2008 are PRing again in every distance I have raced in the past (so far I have 15K, 50K, 50 Mile, and 100K out of the way...still have 5k, 10k, 4 mile, 5 mile, 1/2 marathon, and marathon to go) and of course qualify for Boston (which is a 3:10 for my age group.)

So, basically, my plan was to run some ultras early in the year and train through for a fast marathon in the fall. So far, so good! I have managed to run at least a marathon every month since October (except December...holidays, you know) and have at a marathon distance run planned through January 2009. I just need to find an ultra or marathon for August!

Also in 2008 I joined the VR Training coaching staff. VR Training is Vertical Runner's running training program helping runners both new and familiar to the sport train for events such as 1/2 marathons and marathons. I first joined the group in winter helping folks train for a spring marathon. It was a total blast and I met and got to pace some really great people. The group just kicked off its fall training plan getting people ready for a fall marathon such as Akron.

Anyway, here is a recap of my 2008 races so far....

Winter BT50K, Peninsula, Ohio - 1/26 - After a year and a half break from ultras, I decided to take a shot at one. Really I got called out by some folks. Ended up being a great day. 5:13 was the final time good for 13th overall. I was holding 10th place for sometime during the race, but had some really strong runners who eventually caught me. I was pretty happy with the outcome all in all.

Lost Dutchman's Marathon, Apache Junction, Arizona - 2/17 – I have been wanting to run this race for a few years now. I am really happy I got the chance to visit my family out in Phoenix and hit this race. Absolutely a beautiful course. Felt like I was in a western movie! The course ended up being tougher than I expected. The Arizona sun sure didn’t help much either. Thinking of heading back next year. This time in January for the Rock-n-Roll Marathon.

Napa Valley Marathon (Pacer), Napa, California - 3/2 – I got the chance to hang with some folks from the training group. This was a no brainer…get to go out to Napa. Drink wine and run. Sign me up. It was a very cool course. We ran from Calistoga to Napa along vineyards. Really cool. I would like to do this one again as a runner. Ended up being a tough day for some and a great day for others. I had the pleasure to run a first timer across the finish line.

Note: Napa is a GREAT town. I only got a day in the valley, but had a blast. I got to visit Artesa, Domaine Carneros, Robert Mondavi, and Prager wineries. During the race, I ran through the Stags Leap district which I REALLY want to go back to spend some time in someday. Just ran out of time. Maybe after the Miwok 100K in 2009? (hint hint)

Shamrock 15K, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - 3/9 - A week after Napa sure didn’t help here. Ended up being rough, as it always is. Good for a 15K PR.

Canal Park 5KAkron, Ohio - 3/29 – This is a race I do every year with some friends. We added some folks this year. Ran it slower than I wanted, but faster than last year. Always a good time and went to Robek’s the traditional after race stop to recap the day.

Bull Run Run 50 Mile, Manassas, Virginia - 4/12 – Went back to Bull Run this year again with my sister and brother-in-law. Instead of being in a total down pour like last year, it got quite hot this year. Met up with a few Ohio folks, Lindsay and Bob, whom I run with down there and finished the day with them. More to come on them.

Green Jewell 100K, Cleveland, Ohio - 5/3 – This was a last minute decision to run this race. In it’s first year, I just couldn’t resist. A race through all the metro parks in Cleveland. Add in the fact I have wanted to do a 100K (62 miles for the metric impaired) for a while now. This one proved to be a great race, but 13 hours on pavement beats on you after awhile. I did get to run the whole way with a fellow VR coach, Nick B. and had a blast. One of the rules which was my favorite...No pooping on the APT (All purpose Trail)!

Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland, Ohio - 5/18 – Two weeks after Green Jewell 100K was the Cleveland marathon. I decided to run it and push it a bit, but knew I would be breaking any land speed records. Once again, got to run this with my buds, Lindsay and Bob, and had a good time. This made my racing miles in the past 5 weeks at almost 139 miles breaking my previous 5 week record of 104.8 miles when I did 110 miles racing in 2005 (running the YUTCC 50K, Akron Marathon, Towpath Marathon, and Detroit Marathon.)

NOTE: 139 is going to stand for a while, not doing that again!

Tiger 5k, Hartville, Ohio - 5/24 – I saw that there was a 5K in my hometown. Week after running Cleveland was plenty of time to do a 5k, right? Course was a bit hillier (is that a word?) than I expected. Still managed to win my age group and place 6th overall.

Whew! Caught up! Next up...Davey Tree 10k!