Thursday, November 15, 2007

63rd Place at OBX!

It has been long overdue for an update to ZDOG. Holidays and a bit of work have made life a bit busy.

Well, the OBX Marathon came and went and continued my PR streak. Pretty happy. Ran a 3:25 which was good for 63rd out of 964 overall and 8th of 74 in my age group.

As far as the race, it was awesome. The course was great. People were fun. I am keeping this on my list to do again.

It was also great to be able to stay with my family down there. It had been waaaay too long for a visit to see them.

So, OBX was pretty much it for 2007. My PR streak ended in my next race which was a turkey trot. However, by my watch it was a PR, but a new timing system and a bad start didn't agree. Oh well, I still had fun and was able to run past where someday I will be laid to rest. Good times!

Then on New Year's Eve, I did my annual 5K. The course is a bit tricky, but I ended up running my best time on that course of 20:00 flat. Once again, that new timing system added a few seconds to my time. Oh well. Still a course best for me and placed top ten in my age group.

Time to start gearing up for 2008...