Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy 9th B-Day Z!

Well, another year has passed. Very hard to believe, but it has. And as the leaves start to little bastard dog, Z, turns another year. Hard to believe this little shit is 9! I know! 9!

So, to keep tradition, I got him his birthday taco. Funny, the past few years he started to slow up with the tacos. I was worried he would have to possibly stop doing the birthday taco ceremony. However, like a masters champ, he came out to reclaim his taco eating title. He set a new record...under 5 minutes! Including hot sauce! I was in awe!

I have not videoed it since I created this video, so this is from a few years, but it never gets old.

In all seriousness, the little guy and me and have been through a lot together. He has been there in some great times and in some not so great times, too. Looking forward to another fun year with him!

Happy Birthday little buddy!