Saturday, October 13, 2007

Climbing at Kendall Cliffs

Saturday afternoon we met up with our friends and we climbing at Kendall Cliffs. Kendall Cliffs is an indoor climbing gym located at Appalachian Outfitters in Peninsula, Ohio. Tiffany had been trying to get this coordinated. Between vacations and business trips, it was tough to get everyone together. But she finally did it! Way to go Tiff!

Now, I have lived just around the corner from this place for a few years now and have always wanted to go climbing. So, when Tiff asked I was like sure!!! And we had a blast. Of course no one could feel their forearms once we were done but it was really cool. Everyone did really well and seemed to have a great time.

We started on easier walls and worked our way to tougher walls. Keeping track, I am pretty sure I would fallen of a cliff and perished about 3 times. I better stick to running. We did decide this was a great workout and are going to try to go more often.

Once done, we decided to climb some pumpkin ales at the Winking Lizard while catching some college football and the Indians game. Lifting the glasses was a bit tough, but we hung in there. They served the ales with brown sugar on the rim which I have never seen. But to be honest, it was really good! Too, good. After a few of them, the Tom-inator made a rare appearance.