Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Z!

Hard to believe another year has past and the little guy is now 8 years old. And after 4 years, he is still 4 pounds of furry and mean as all hell. Keeping with tradition, he got his usual birthday taco from Taco Bell. Since I never eat Taco Bell food except for this day every year, I think he knows what day it is when I show up with the bag of Mexican fast food goodness. He goes crazy. Not jus a normal crazy, a craze that come only come from 365 days of waiting for a taco.

This year was not a record setting year. Total time for him to kill that taco was 4 minutes. That is 4 minutes to eat EVERYTHING including shell and lettuce. Still impressive if you consider he consumed about 20% of his body weight. Although, I think he is starting to lose his edge. Zorro didn't look so hot after he finished.

I didn't video the event this year, so back my popular demand...last years Zorro Birthday Video!