Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Guns at 717

Well, the 9th annual 717 was yet another blast. Operative word is blast! We when began the evening, we quickly began asking if the potato cannon was coming out.

Ryan was a bit hesitant to bring it out. You have to understand, this is one of the largest and finest potato projectilers I have ever laid eyes on. This thing is at least 4 inches in diameter and about 5 feet long. Pretty much a bazooka! Just one that shoot spuds.

We did manage to get a video of it. Unfortunately, the video is extremely dark so it is hard to see. But you can get the idea of what was going on! You can definitely hear what is going on. Point of reference, the bar across the street is about 100 yards or so away. However, no bars were hurt or injured in the film.