Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cleveland Towpath Marathon

On October 9th, I ran the Cleveland Towpath Marathon. I think this is my new favorite marathon. The Towpath Marathon is a small race, but it was extremely well organized, very well aided, and had a sort of "trail" feel to it. To top it all off, the weather was in the mid-fifties and overcast. Perfect running weather!

This was my third in a "three-week, three marathon" marathon, and ended up setting a personal record marathon time of 3:46. Both halves were split at 1:53 exactly. Pretty funny. I did the exact same thing at Cleveland back in May.

Jeff ran this one, too. At the end, we ran back to a little past mile 23 making it a 30 miler. The aide stations were still open so we were able to get Gatorade along the way. At one aide station, we met a really nice couple volunteering who were both triathletes training for their third Ironman.

I had a great time at this one. I think I am going to be running it again next year!

Next up: Detroit Marathon